The following Stories From The Field editions will be a series of letters written by incarcerated men in the United States. These letters were penned as a response to FREEDOM FROM WITHIN, Foundations For Life – Unleash The Masterpiece, a program developed by Missionaries Cliff and Sue Parrish to teach how to live Godly principles in such a way that brings contagious life transformation, even within the walls of a prison.  Cliff and Sue are taking Freedom From Within to the prisons of the United States and possibly to a church near you.

Letter 2

This class has shown me how to look within myself in ways I didn’t know how to.


When I first started this class, I was not the type of person who felt comfortable speaking in front of others, specifically crowds, and then I learned how to properly communicate through Foundations For Life. It was then that I started to learn how to understand how to speak publicly in front of others. I also learned how to communicate by listening, using the right tone, and using the right words. It has also given me the right spiritual connection with God, and it has shown me how to really establish a foundation in my household, and with any team that I am trying to develop or be a part of.

I am glad that my brother Cliff started this class because he has helped me with this class more than any college degree. This class has shown me how to look within myself in ways I didn’t know how to. I have been able to identify issues that I never knew that I had until I was able to discover myself, and my own issues, through this class. I have become a better man to my family and my female companion and most of all – God and myself.

Foundation For Life is the best thing that has happened to me.

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