The following Stories From The Field editions will be a series of letters written by incarcerated men in the United States. These letters were penned as a response to FREEDOM FROM WITHIN, Foundations For Life – Unleash The Masterpiece, a program developed by Missionaries Cliff and Sue Parrish to teach how to live Godly principles in such a way that brings contagious life transformation, even within the walls of a prison.  Cliff and Sue are taking Freedom From Within to the prisons of the United States and possibly to a church near you. 

Letter 3

Most of all applying what I’ve learned… “Live it to give it!”


I thank God for allowing this even to become a book that many will share the benefit as I’m sharing with you. As you read these pages, you’ll notice that each chapter is so interesting very captivated with a spiritual power that moves you to continue reading on.

I am so blessed to have inside my life, my beautiful wife. She is without a doubt a true woman of God. I am incarcerated, and yet she is still inside my corner even though I cheated on her. And out of that product my son was conceived. Adultery. I see the characteristics in her which I’ve learned from these classes as examples: Gentle Spirit, Loving Affection, Effective Communication, to name a few. She added value to my life which allowed me to be honestly more compassionate.

I’m 52 years old, as I mentioned earlier, I’m incarcerated. I’m not trying to brag about my wife but to reflect on how precious a woman’s worth is. I’m writing the forward for this book because so many individuals today are either in my shoes, been in my shoes or, most importantly, I pray, can avoid being in my shoes.

Inside the book, you’ll learn about blind spots, which are areas you don’t see yet others do. Also, it builds a respectable persons spiritual growth and a mental growth at the same time, producing morals, values, and principles in which we see certain changes from day to day and person to person.

We all need someone. We were never intended to be alone. I’ve grown to understand this is true while attending these classes:

Foundations For Life, Taking the Lead and Thriving Teams; which has allowed me to flourish and grow into someone special.
As Mr. Cliff says UTM “Unleash The Masterpiece – that is within every one of us! We are very unique individuals.

As you read each chapter in itself you’ll notice transformation immediately and become attached to this book as if this book was personally for your eyes only; allowing your true identity to reflect and shine out of your personality whether on the job, in school, gatherings, family outings, etc.

The Masterpiece inside of you will be unleashed!
May God bless you and yours always. Stay encouraged.
I’m very thankful for these classes, books, materials, etc.
It has truly given my life more meaning and my family, friends, and especially my wife has told me what changes I have made since taking these classes.

Thank you very much for taking your time out to read and become apart of what you just read.

God bless and stay encouraged always.
Peace be with you!

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